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    We also specialize in providing sate of the art wireless intruder alarm systems and wireless CCTV surveillance systems. Products are sourced from different parts of the world and selected based upon the highest industry standards.


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      All the wireless CCTV systems are easy to set up install and use, and can be connected directly to a TV or monitor for viewing only, or to a standard DVR.

      Wireless CCTV systems are ideal for re-deployable solutions in temporary, mobile or semi-permanent situations or for systems where cameras are fixed within a considerable length of distance. This will reduce the cost of the wiring and same time the risk of lighting damage to the DVR in particular distanced systems.

    • cctv-conventional
      Wireless alarm systems ideal solutions for those who wish to skip a more labor-intensive installation process, but they offer security for places where a hardwired system is not practical. Such includes structures where hardwired systems are not an option due to factors like brick or concrete walls, or even structures with tile flooring or a lack of attic space-- all which limit options for wiring installations.

      Wireless systems are highly recommended to anyone who wants to avoid drilling into walls or who wants to bypass complicated wiring instructions without compromising security. Using the latest technology, wireless systems also offer reliable security. While a hardwired system is still recommended for large properties, a wireless alarm system offers strong security for medium-sized homes and office spaces.

      Wireless alarm systems include key security components like contacts, motion sensors and keypads, and more of these can be added at any time as needed.

      Wireless communication systems allow us to transmit an alarm via a wireless device such as a GSM communicator to a specified location such as Police, Fire Brigade or to a known person for immediate action. The message could be sent as a SMS or a Voice message depending on the Clients requirement. This system is commonly known as the “Police Link” which is widely used in local banks. Also Personalized system at a residence could get notifications to their mobile phone via this option removing the uncertainty of using land line which could be disconnected easily.