Digital Surveillance System Digital Surveillance System
Server room protection systems
    We have specially designed solution server room integrating several different systems. Through this system the room temperature and humidity levels are monitored, fire is detected through smoke detectors and the alarms are transmitted through a GSM module making it a more effective system. Also Biometric access control and CCTV system is installed to monitor the activities within that premises


    Server room protection systems

      Security Alarm System

      Intrusion alarm - Installing a magnetic contact/s to the concerned door/s, when a person tries to open that particular door/s will generate an alarm.

      CCTV Surveillance System

      Monitor and record activities in your server room by installing CCTV cameras

      Fire Suppression Systems

      Smoke Detection - By fixing smoke detector/s to the concerned area we can generate an alarm in case of a fire situation.


      FM 200, NAF S 125, Novac and Inert gases are commonly used for protecting server rooms.

      Access Control System

      Control and manage personnel entering the server room by installing access control unit

      Environmental Monitoring System

      Temperature & Humidity monitoring - With this unit we are able to generate an alarm once a preset temperature or humidity level is breached.

      Flood ditection - To monitor any floods due to AC failure or natural cases by installing flood detector in the server room