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IP based CCTV Solution
    IP based CCTV solution are fully digitized systems which based on the network system( LAN or WAN) where cameras are connected to the Network video recorder through the network. The cameras and NVRs are specially manufactured to work through network and have inbuilt IP addresses for easy installation.


    IP Camera
    IP cameras are designed enabling the cameras to be installed and connected to the internet or network system directly by plugging then to network and can be viewed from any remote location by login to the dedicated IP address.

    Pan-Tilt-Zoon Indoor / Outdoor Camera
    PTZ cameras are motorized mount that allows the camera to be moved remotely up-down and side-by-side. In addition, the camera has a zoom lens that can be moved in or out and all of these actions are carried out through the internet or the network connection.

    Network Video Recorder (NVR)
    NVR could be connected to the internal or external network directly and can be configured existing IP cameras to record continuously to the NVR. Up to 64 IP cameras could be connected to the NVR and could be controlled & managed remotely via internet/ network.