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Conventional CCTV solutions
    Conventional CCTV solutions are based on hard wired systems using Coaxial and data cables. These systems use compatible conventional cameras and images are recorded in a digital video recorder. This system also has the ability of remote viewing through an internal network or via Internet or on a mobile phone.


      Dome Camera
      Dome camera is an indoor camera which comes inside a plastic or vandal proof cover which looks like a light fitting to provide a sense of stealth.

      Pinhole Camera
      Pinhole Cameras are designed to be very small and can be hidden from view, concealed in everyday objects, or disguised.

      Day/Night, Indoor / Outdoor Camera
      Outdoor cameras are housed in special weatherproof housings (IP66 as per industry standards) that protect them from tough weather and temperature conditions. Also these cameras are incorporated with IR illuminating lights to provide a clear image in total darkness. These IR lights are not visible to the human eye.

      High Definitions Camera
      High definitions cameras are used in specialized solutions to produce high quality videos. These cameras are mostly used in high security areas.

      Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
      Digital video recorders are available with 4,8,16 and 32 video camera inputs. these recorders can be recorders can be recorded videos 24 hours, 7 days of the week where motion is detected on the camera field of view.